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How to Talk to Your Special Needs Child About Challenges

Children with special needs are prone to depression and irritability at a rate nearly triple that of children that don’t deal with unique challenges. It’s a fairly predictable occurrence: the child encounters a difficulty that isn’t hampering their peers, and they wonder if anyone has ever had to work this hard only to not succeed as well as their relatively effortless cohort. As their parent, of course you want to do something to help them — and you can…

Tackling Home Life As One Member of a Special Needs Family

If your child — or, let’s be frank, your husband — has been recently diagnosed with special needs, you might be fretting that life will be harder to deal with now. The truth is that it’s about to get much easier. The diagnosis doesn’t change anything about the problems you have today except that it gives you an entity to blame — the disability — and it gives you a wealth of knowledge about how to change your current habits to adapt. Here are some classic examples…

Was I a Child With Special Needs and Didn’t Know It?

One of the most challenging questions for the mental health profession to field over the past few decades has been the simplest: why are there so many more kids diagnosed with ‘special needs’ today than there were when we were kids? There is no definitive ‘good’ or ‘right’ answer to that question, but as many adults are discovering — many too late — they have suffered because they weren’t diagnosed properly as kids.

ADHD in Middle School: Not a Miscreant, Just Misunderstood

Middle-schoolers with untreated ADHD are possibly some of the most misunderstood children in school. The assumption of a middle-school teacher is that, if the student had a ‘genuine’ problem, they would have a ‘genuine’ diagnosis and a history of attempted interventions and treatments. If your child makes it until middle school before their disorder makes itself entirely obvious — and some 1 in 12 do! It can be a dire situation if their ADHD is not quickly recognized and understood.

ADHD in High School: Special Needs at Their Most Special

A recent study by the National Institute of Health has come to a startling conclusion about ADHD. While ADHD is most obvious at the very beginning of school — when the lack of impulse control and short attention span prevents a kindergartner or first grader from sitting still long enough to even hear what the assignment is – it is most hampering in high school. This is because…

How to Balance Parenting Children on and Off the Autistic Spectrum

Parents with a child on the Autistic Spectrum need to help their child however they can. But they also need to attend to their other children’s needs and nurture the sibling relationship.

How to Explain Autism to Others

The question “what is autism?” is much harder to answer than you may realize. Here is a look at what you might want to say when explaining this condition to others.

Taking a Look Forward

This new type of investment platform encourages real personal responsibility and fosters opportunity for parents who care for a special needs child. As a caregiver for a fourteen year old son with multiple disabilities, I know the struggle families face concerning financial resources. I believe this new law will help caregivers maintain a level of dignity and encourage others to be involved in the caregiving process.

Preparing for Unknown Events With Your Child

Learn how to deal with new situations as they arise and keep your autistic child safe. Knowing how to handle these situations can help make outings go more smoothly.

Understanding Autism and Social Skills Milestones

Every day we engage in social behaviors that have become natural to us. These behaviors have become so engrained that we take them for granted. We begin to overlook the complex nature of the social norms in our society, norms that are difficult for individuals with Autism to recognize.

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