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Who else is looking for band fundraisers? Very frequently, financial constraints can cause a thriving school music program to fail. Even if your school has a music teacher and a band, you’ll probably still need to generate money for things like instruments, uniforms, concerts, travel, and other expenses. The good news is that band members can immediately put together a fundraising team with ease. You can work together to raise the money you need by utilizing the combined social media networks of the band members and crowdfunding. Plan a fundraiser for your school band if you haven’t already. You’ll be set to rock if you add some band t-shirts, a fundraiser, and other exciting and successful high school band fundraising ideas.


Any parent or legal representative of a student in the band program is a band booster. You start supporting your child’s band program as soon as it starts! For the benefit of our pupils, all parents are urged to get involved and volunteer with the fundraiser events. Without parental involvement, no organization can succeed. Parents, YOU are a crucial component of the the school band’s success.


The Band Boosters are a committed group of parents who donate their time and skills to help every band student at your school succeed. Together, we carefully collaborate with the band director to support every facet of the curriculum. Band camp, concessions, chaperoning, pit crew and fundraising are just a few of the many opportunities to participate.

Band fundraising ideas

Here are a few great ideas to help your high school band raise the funds they need for your musicians.

Bingo night

The community can get together for a fun fundraising event by hosting a bingo night that brings together students, their families, and former school alumni. To entice participants to continue playing, charge a small fee for each game and award amusing gifts. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time whether they play bingo. To increase your income, sell food and drinks all through the bingo night. Have band members play music between rounds to create a fun, energetic atmosphere.

Heard about Marchathons?

By holding a March-a-thon to collect money for your band, you can create a variant of a walk-a-thon event. A march-a-thon is a timed event that takes place on a predetermined route, such as the school track or Main Street in your city. From a fundraising perspective, the march-a-thon is nearly identical to a walk-a-thon, but band members march while performing music. The event is open to the public, and participants can march with band members as they play well-known music and raise money for a worthwhile cause. Make the march-a-thon into a parade by approaching the cheerleading or dance squad to ask if they’d be interested in joining your band.


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