Big questions about the Covid booster shot, answered

“Excuse Me, My Child Has WHAT?”

Hearing the words “Your child has been diagnosed with __________________, is generally no ones’ idea of great news. Yet, it also doesn’t have to be the worse news you’ll receive in your child’s life. You may feel any combination of emotions, including: guilt, sadness, anger, depression, desperation, hopelessness, resentment, loneliness, shock, denial, or have other emotions similar to these.

Suggested Anxiety Medications for Children With Autism

Autism is a wide span neural development characteristics by impaired social interaction, verbal and non verbal communication and repetitive behavior. The disorder falls on a spectrum basis making each case unique and treated differently. There is no known cause but studies show in some cases autism could be a factor of genetics and environmental.

7 Reasons Why I Wrote My Second Advocacy Book for Parents!

This article is discussing why I decided to write an advocacy book for parents that includes an easy to follow roadmap! Honest information is important but knowing what to do with that information is something different entirely! This article will discuss my reasons for writing this important book!

Do Children Need Multiple Languages?

In the US, children already have a busy schedule. After school, they normally have a variety of activities. Since they have so much going on already, many wonder if learning a second language is wise.

How to Teach Creativity to Your Children

If you want sane, happy, genuinely educated children with honest values, do not be lazy, home school them and home school them well. That is my opinion of what an ideal child schooling situation is. Indeed, public school did not work for me as a child and I can tell you why before I go on with this article.

4 Proactive Dragon Slaying Tips for IEP Meetings, to Empower Your Advocacy!

This article contains 4 easy to use advocacy tips to help you as you advocate for your child receiving special education services. These will empower you and guide you as you work toward an appropriate education for your child!

How to Help a Child With a Reading Disability

For children with reading disabilities, the reading process does not come naturally for them. These children need extra help and support. Follow these crucial seven steps to help your child with a reading disability succeed.

6 Things You Need to Know About State Special Education Laws That Will Empower Your Advocacy!

This article will be discussing States special education laws and regulations that may be inconsistent with Federal special education law (IDEA 2004). By understanding these 6 items you will become empowered in your advocacy for your child!

4 Reasons Why Inconsistent State Special Education Laws May Be Harming Your Child’s Education!

Federal law has supremacy over State law even in Special Education. Many States seem to have laws that are inconsistent with Federal law (IDEA 2004). This article will be discussing 4 ways that your child’s education may be harmed by inconsistent State special education laws. Use this information to empower your advocacy!

A Healthy Family Relationship Equals to Family Is for Life

There is no doubt that lots of families all over the world struggle with that now infamous word: dysfunction. Some make light of it (“hey, we put the fun in dysfunction”) and some families shatter apart because of it.

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