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Dealing With a Defiant Child

Dealing with a defiant child can be very frustration for parents and teachers. Often it becomes a battle of wills and everyone becomes frustrated. Learning how to adjust to the child’s behavior can lead to more positive results.

3 Ways to Use the 13 Disability Categories to Benefit Your Child With a Disability!

This article will discuss the 13 disability categories in IDEA 2004 in special education. These categories can be used by parents to advocate for needed related and special education services. Three examples given on how parents can use the 13 categories to benefit their child.

Finally A Theme Park Where Everyone Can Have Fun

Morgan’s Wonderland is the World’s First Ultra Accessible Family Fun Park. It is designed specifically for adults and children with special needs, their family members, caregivers, friends and the entire community. Everything in the park is easily wheel chair and special needs accessible.

Medicaid Waivers for Children With Special Needs

Special Needs children can present a whole host of challenges completely aside from their actual physical or mental impairments. They may present a physical danger to themselves that requires constant supervision or they may need living assistance to help them with daily activities such as eating. This is where Medicaid Waivers can be helpful.

Common Mistakes Made by Parents of Autistic Children

One of the most common mistakes made by parents raising an autistic child, is lacking acceptance for the way their child is. One of the best ways to show a child love, is to truly accept the way they are and proceed with that mindset. It’s the first step in the right direction to truly do the best you can to raise your child.

Kinaesthetic Ideas for Letter Reversals

If your child is struggling with letter reversals like b and d, you can use these multi-sensory activities to help them remember the difference. Our best memories are the ones where we have lots of fun and when we create something ourselves.

3 Critical Reasons for Children to Receive Special Education Functional Skill Training!

This article is based on a top article of mine “What are functional skills and why does my child need them!” This article will go more in depth about what functional skills are and 3 critical reasons why every child with a disability needs them. With appropriate functional skill training children and transitioning youth will be ready to actively participate in their future!

How Do You Educate Your Special Needs Child for the Real World When they Grow Up?

Educating your special-needs child is extremely important, if they are to ever grow up and participate in the real world. There are many learning disabilities that children will grow out of, and they will be able to overcome in order to live normal lives, active lives, and participate fine in society. Of course, there are some things which are almost impossible to predict, which just goes to prove that your special-needs child’s education never really stops.

Not Talking Vs Not Having Anything to Say

Not talking is not the same as having nothing to say. This is a common statement from speech and other therapists about their clients who are considered non-verbal, but not always non-communicative.

Learning in a Special Education Environment

Any child that has a need for special education whether it is because of a mental or physical disability deserves to have the same chance in life and school as other children. Sometimes when a parent knows their child needs regulated special guidance on education they don’t want their child to be singled out. They don’t want to have to have special arrangements.