How decades of stopping forest fires made them worse

Homeschool Vs Public School – Home Schooling Alternatives to Public Education

In this world of economic slow-down, homeschool versus public school is an issue being weighed by lots of parents. They are seriously evaluating what is the best option they would have to do to let their child acquire the needed education. What really is the best choice, homeschooling or sending them to public school?

How To Get Yourself Out Of Debt And Live A Successful Life

The fastest ways of reducing and eliminating personal debts is beginning by setting goals. The goals defined should also be Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART).

How to Stop Self-Injury: A Dangerous Practice

self-injury is a method of drawing attention. An autistic child’s frustration goes hand-in-hand with wanting attention. A good example could be the act of him or her scratching him or her self until blood comes out. At this point the autistic child will quickly get someone’s attention, and this person will do all that could be done in order to comprehend what the child needs at that moment.

How to Help Your Child With Autism Begin The School Day

As you prepare your child for a school year, begin by introducing new school supplies gradually. When purchasing clothing attempt to keep within the parameters of what fabrics, colors, and textures are suitable for your child. Tags may need to be cut out of clothes and all items should be clearly labeled.

Home School High School

Home schooling high school is a big challenge for parents who feel they are not capable to do it. They think it is a very hard task to make home school records and transcripts for their children. Of course, they like to see their children qualify for scholarship and be accepted in college but they fear they might ruin it. That’s exactly what I thought too until I learned that it is so easy to make your child’s home school records and transcripts that college will love and accept.

Bedrooms for Educating Visually Impaired Children

Designing a bedroom for a visually impaired child can be a challenging task. With some understanding of your child’s visual impairment and careful preparation and planning in the design process, you can create a practical, safe and engaging bedroom.

5 Lies About Special Education Transportation, and How You Can Overcome the Lies and Get Your Child

This article is for parents of children with disabilities that have difficulty with getting transportation for their child for school. The article covers 5 lies that are commonly told about special education transportation. Also covered is how to overcome the lies to help your child receive needed special education transportation services!

Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome: Parent Support

Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) benefit from support when navigating and dealing with the community, the school system, and society at large. (Not only do we need to advocate for our children, we must learn to care for ourselves.) Some suggestions for supporting these requirements and the needs of children with ASD/PDD are listed below.

Parenting Children: 5 Tips on Helping Deescalate Autistic Children

Frustrated by escalating behavior from your autistic child? Wish there were something you can do about it? Read this article for five tips on how to help your autistic child through this difficult but necessary stage.

Alphabet Stencils: Innovative Uses

The application and uses of wall stencils can be a very attractive and easy means of giving an entirely new look to your home walls. These are inexpensive and affordable for the variations that they are capable of providing.

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