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Are Dyslexics Lazy?

Are you tired of teachers complaining about your child? Is your child constantly accused of being lazy? It’s possible that your child learns differently than other kids in the class – nothing to worry about. This means that your child isn’t like everyone else (it’s a good thing). Let’s put a stop to the negativity surrounding your child’s education.

4 Advocacy Tips to Empower You, When Special Educators Try to Use an Unapproved IEP!

This article is about school districts trying to use an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that you do not approve of. Special educators must seek a due process hearing to implement an IEP that a parent does not believe will give their child an appropriate education. Great advocacy tips to use to overcome the roadblocks to your child’s special education included!

Does Your Child Struggle With Learning? You Can Homeschool Your Child!

Does Your Child Struggle With Learning? If you wonder whether you can home school your struggling learner, read long time home school consultant’s Q & A’s on the topic. Yes, you can!

What Kills? Guns or Bullets?

In my lifetime, I never thought I would live to see the violence in our streets. Our cultural mentality has changed so much from neighborhoods to war zones. I have a friend who is my age that loved to have a good fist fight. He was active playing hockey until he was in his seventies. He raised three sons.

Making Sure Your Special Needs Child Gets the Education They Need

Parents need to advocate for their child to ensure that s/he receives the education they need to be prepared for life. Schools often try to keep the number of students in special education low, or reduce their special education numbers by saying that the student is making progress and doing well. As a parent, you need to stay informed and on top of the school. Here are a few suggestions to help you advocate for your special needs child.

3 Reasons Why the Changes to Autism Criteria Will Have Little Impact on Special Education Services!

Many parents and advocates have been very upset by the proposed changes to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5th edition (DSM V), placing all Autism diagnosis under one category of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some parents are concerned that this change will affect their child’s special education services. This article will discuss 3 reasons why special education will probably not be affected by the changes to the DSM 5. Use this information to empower you as you assertively and persistently advocate for your child!

Choosing a Gift for Your Autistic Child

How do you choose just the right gift to get for your special needs child? Autistic kids tend to have neurological delays so a gift of some therapeutic value is important, but so is a gift that is simply fun. You can knock the gift giving task out of the ball park if the gift has a little bit of both!

4 Things to Do to Increase Your Chances of Compensation From the VICP for Vaccine Injuries

This article contains new information about how some parents of young children with Autism are increasing their chance of receiving compensation from the Vaccine injury compensation program. Included is a great article to be used as a reference. Good luck you can do it!

Essential Autism Services

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or Autism is the disorder of neural development. This is noted in different types of development disorders like verbal and non verbal communication, repetitive behaviors and restricted interests. The symptoms of ASDs become visible before a child is three years old and normally has a strong genetic basis.

A Book Review: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Miles Seroussi’s development began normally, but abruptly came to a halt. Early diagnosis of autism sent his mother, Karyn Seroussi, on a journey of research and recovery. She found some researchers that believed autism to be a biologically based condition.

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