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Progress Monitoring For Children – Even Those in Special Education! What is It?

This article will discuss progress monitoring and children with disabilities receiving special education services. Also discussed are the benefits of progress monitoring and a couple of tools that are used for this purpose. By understanding what progress monitoring is you can ensure that your child in special education is keeping up academically with their grade appropriate peers.

How to Use Special Education Caselaw to Get Your Parental Rights

This article will be discussing parental rights for parents whose children receive special education services from school districts. Case law in the area of parental rights as well as how to use the cases to benefit your child’s education!

Do Baby Clothes Need Special Treatment?

Taking care of baby clothes doesn’t necessarily mean buying special baby detergents. Check out how best to care for them by reading this article.

8 Tactics School Districts Use to Prevent Parents From Winning Special Education Disputes!

This article is for parents whose children are receiving special education services. Discussed will be 8 tactics that many parents of special education children experience while advocating for services for their child. By knowing these 8 tactics you will be able to watch out for them and learn how to overcome them for the benefit of your child’s education.

8 Ways For You to Win a Special Education Dispute and Finally Get Your Child Services!

This article will help parents of children with disabilities receiving special education services learn 8 ways to win a dispute with your school district. These 8 things are easy to do for all parents and will have a positive benefit on your child’s education!

Special Education Para Professionals; Could Your Child Benefit?

This article will discuss special education Para professionals (sometimes called aides or assistants). Job descriptions, training, licensure requirements etc. Also discussed is the importance of making sure that your child’s IEP contains specific requirements for training of the Para professional and time spent with your child. Well trained Para professionals can help your child learn academics, benefit from their education, and have access to the regular education curriculum.

12 Things to Know About the GAO Report and Hearings on Restraint and Seclusion in Special Education

This article will be discussing the use of restraint and seclusion for children receiving special education services. Recently there has been much media coverage about the use and misuse of these procedures in school districts. The Government Accounting Office has released a report on the use of restraint and seclusion in school districts. This article will cover 6 things that you need to know about this report. Also there was a hearing in Washington in front of the legislature discussing this very subject. 6 Things you need to know about this hearing will be included in this article. By having this information you can be involved in the decision on how to deal with your child’s negative school behavior–Good luck!

Help – I Need a Sample Special Education 10 Day Written Request Letter!

This article will have a sample letter of a 10 day written notice for parents of children receiving special education, who wish to place their child in private school at public expense (reimbursement)! Use this article to help you in your advocacy efforts for your child!

7 Types of Learning Disabilities That May Ensure Your Child’s Special Education Eligibility

Is your child with autism struggling with academics and you are concerned that they may have a learning disability? Would you like to know about different kinds of learning disabilities so that you can advocate for special education eligibility that your child requires to benefit from his or her education? This article will discuss 7 common type of learning disabilities and some signs and symptoms of each.

Nature Deficit Disorder – The Connection Between Nature and Behavior Problems

Years ago, we walked a mile to school without batting an eye. Then we walked back home, stopping often at the park to play unattended, unsupervised. After all, it was a park and kids were supposed to play there. These were assumptions we took so placidly in those safer days before Madeleine McCann and Tori Stafford. The stories of these girls’ terrible abductions remind us that the situation confronting parents and caregivers is totally different in this day and age…

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