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Coping: For Parents of Children With Disabilities

A child born with developmental disabilities is one of the most difficult things parents have to cope with. It requires lots of strength, courage, and most of all, patience. This article is a guide for parenting children with special needs.

Become a Special Education Teacher

Do you think you have what it takes to become a special education teacher? Before you make this decision you will need to think long and hard in order to make sure. What is making you consider becoming a teacher in the special education field?

Learning Disabilities And How To Cope

Does your child suffer from learning disabilities? If it is so, you may be able to help your child learn, but at a different pace than normal children. When a child is diagnosed with a learning disability he or she may not be learning something for a reason that may not even be close to a disorder. It may be due to the lack of creativity in which the lesson is presented. For example, if a teacher is teaching a lesson and she talks in a soft even tone that neither goes up or down, chances are she will have more children failing in her class because most of them are going to sleep.

A Book Review: Why Can’t My Child Behave? Why Can’t She Cope? Why Can’t He Learn? By Jane Hersey

Dr. Benjamin Feingold, an allergist with Kaiser-Permanente, developed the K-P Diet that eliminated food additives and artificial flavors in the 1960s. While Dr. Feingold passed away in 1982, the program is carried on by volunteers who are members of the Feingold Association. This book by Jane Hersey has many testimonials that I will not try to reproduce, but I will highlight the program. There have been some studies done that address some of the pieces of the Feingold Diet, but no one has studied the pure program.

It Was the Best Purchase of My Life

I was on the lookout for the perfect gift for my sister. She is a single mother and has very little income. She is a very beautiful woman and is petite in size.

Facts About Special Education

Since 1975 special education has been a mandatory requirement for class rosters. These classes are geared towards helping and educating students with learning disabilities and developmental problems. Classes are usually small in size so that each student can have as much one on one time with their instructor as possible.

5 Top Parental Special Education Advocacy Tips to Benefit Your Child!

This article will be covering my top five advocacy tips of all time for parents that have a child with a disability receiving special education services. These tips have been used and shared with parents for many years and will help you to effectively advocate for needed related and special education services for your child.

Should I Teach My Baby With Down Syndrome Sign Language?

Language and speech are certainly intricate and provide a good number of challenges towards a child with Down syndrome, that it should be dealt with by means of a well-rounded technique of speech and language therapy. Using sign language in Down syndrome can certainly make living less complicated for everybody concerned.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities in Children

Every child develops at an individual pace and while there are a set of stages that categorize milestones for each age, this is in no way meant to be followed as a mandatory linear model. These stages were simply constructed as a basic guideline for a child’s development.

How Do I Decide the Best School for My Child?

When parents find themselves in a situation where their struggling teen does not respond to any attempts for help through local resources, the option of residential placement becomes a real possibility. When a parent gets to this place, sometimes there is time to do the proper amount of research to make sure a good placement decision is made. At other times, the family is in such a crisis that a decision must be made almost immediately.