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Special Needs Schools Serve Students With Language-Based Learning Disorders

Language-Based Learning Disabilities (LBLD) are learning disabilities rooted in difficulty with written or spoken language. Strategies for helping students who fall along the spectrum of LBLD may include rehabilitating their weaknesses or individualized instruction at special needs schools.

What Are Special Education Dragons, and 4 Tips to Deal With Them to Benefit Your Child’s Education!

This article explains what special education dragons are and tips to overcome these dragons for the good of your child’s education! As a parent you must stand up to the tactics of dragons whatever their position—so that your child can receive an appropriate education!

Careers at Special Education Schools

Special education schools typically require a team of professionals and aides in order to further their mission of teaching children with learning or physical disabilities. Classroom aides, therapeutic support staff, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologist all play a role in helping children succeed.

Applied Behavior Analysis: Using Reinforcements to Effect Changes in Behavior

In the theory of behavior analysis, a given behavior will occur if a person can gain access to various kinds of reinforcements. These reinforcements, called principles, serve as powerful motivators when a change in behavior is desired.

Now Is the Time for Georgia to Support Autism Legislation

It is a good probability that you know a person who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. One out of every 68 children-and one out of every 54 boys-has the condition. These statistics come from a 2008 study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Twenty Facts About Autism You’ll Want to Know

There are many facts about autism that have been brought to light thanks to the tireless work of Autism Speaks. Here are just 20 of the most important tidbits.

Is Your Special Education Child on the School to Prison Pipeline? 5 Things You Can Do About It!

This article is for parents and explains how many children with disabilities end up in prison due to the school to prison pipeline. Lots of proactive advocacy tips to help your child not be a victim!

The Difference Between Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Sometimes referred to as ASD, autism spectrum disorder is the general term used to identify a group of brain development disorders. Symptoms vary widely, though usually include problems with social interaction and both verbal and nonverbal communication.

How to Talk to a Teacher About Special Needs

Once you have a child, it is hard to put into words just how much you care for them. If the child has special needs, we tend to care that much more.

How to Prevent Tantrums in a Social Setting

Children with autism react to things differently. As parents, we need to understand what our children can handle and what they can’t.

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