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How to Support Your ADD/ADHD Child at School

Young children are not geared to speak up for themselves especially when it comes to talking to teachers. In this instance parents are the go between for the children. Parents need to know what is going on in the lives of their children.

9 Steps to Parent Empowerment for Parents With Children in Special Education!

This article will be discussing parent empowerment for parents of children receiving special education services. Parenting a child with disabilities can be rough, but they depend on us to advocate for their education. This article will give 9 easy steps to take that will move you toward parent empowerment and benefit your child’s education.

Online Medical Coding And Billing Schools

Many people want to know how they can make money and work from home in a legitimate industry that will not only provide stimulating and interesting work, but will actually help them earn a decent income as well. The solution for many has been in the field of medical billing or coding. This growing profession is an ideal solution to anyone who prefers the freedom and flexibility of having your own at-home business and with the right training, you can start making money in a very sort time.

5 Things to Do This New Year to Benefit Your Child in Special Education!

Are you the parent of a child with autism or another type of disability that receives special education services? This article will be discussing 5 items that you can do this year to benefit your child’s education! Get involved and advocate for your child–they will appreciate it!

Tips for Helping Your Special Needs Child With School

When your child has special needs school can be difficult for them. These children have difficulties learning and may have problems with large groups of people. This makes it hard to be in regular school, but it needs to happen.

Tracking Eye Movements And Developmental Dyslexia

Most people today are aware of some of the advances in psychological research. One such advance on the ‘olden’ days is eye tracking technology and the relationship between this and developmental dyslexia. Can it be used to diagnose dyslexia?

What Is Dyslexia? Find Out Now

So what is dyslexia? There is a high incidence of dyslexia in schools today, mainly because it is better recognised than it used to be. Equally, there are many adults who have had this reading deficit since childhood but it went unrecognised because of the stigma and inability to understand it in many schools 20 years ago. Find out more here.

How to Fight Special Education Retaliation, Against Yourself and Your Child!

This article will discuss retaliation against parents and children in special education for advocacy activities. Section 504 prohibits retaliation based on a protected activity; which advocacy is. Section 504 is enforced by the Office of Civil Rights–OCR. OCR has developed a 5 part test to determine if retaliation has occurred.

Special Needs Parents – Understanding the Importance of Respite

When I first learned of the word “Respite”, I was a single mother of a 7 year daughter with autism. The term came to me from a new friend who had a daughter about the same age, but with Down syndrome. She told me that I needed respite and invited me to “go out” with several other mothers who had children with special needs while a local church opened their doors with volunteers to watch over about 18 kiddos, all different ages.

Creative Kids and Learning Styles in the Classroom

Once you have discovered your child’s learning styles and multiple intelligences, there is a good chance you will discover they are at odds with the way lessons are traditionally taught in the school system.  How can you go about making sure your child gets the best opportunities to learn?

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