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Your Special Needs Child–Coping After Receiving a Diagnosis

When a young child is suddenly diagnosed with a developmental delay, many parents are completely unprepared and face incredible emotions as well as difficult obstacles. If you start this unexpected journey with some guidance and advice from other parents that have been there themselves, this in itself can be the difference between a positive beginning or a very frustrating one.

Special Needs – Special Love

During college, it was commonplace for me to enter into philosophical conversations about the nature of things. What is truth? What is beauty? What is love?

Baby Sign Language for Children with Special Needs

Most children have learned to speak by 3 years old, but other children have physical, emotional or mental problems that delay language development. Children with developmental disabilities need to learn communication just like any other child. These babies and children have needs, wants and desires just like other children. Baby Sign Language can provide the means to open the world of communication…

Special Needs Children Learn Language Development And Social Skills In Play

Learn to play with your special needs child to help language development and stimulate valuable social skills in autistic children

Adopting a Child with Special Needs

There are tens of thousands of children in the United States who have special needs and are waiting for permanent homes. In the past, children who have special needs have been generally considered harder to place for adoption than others, but in reality, many children with special needs can be successfully placed.

Toy Ideas for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs

Many of the commercial toys on the market can be adapted or used by children with cerebral palsy and other special needs.

The Special Education IEP and the Parent Underdog

Are you a parent of a child with a learning disability? The deck is stacked against you for achieving a quality, special education IEP. Learn how to get the best possible program for your child.

Are Team Sports Right for Your Special Needs Child?

Make sure you know who will be coaching your child, and make sure that he or she is someone who you want in charge of your child’s self-esteem for the next few months.

Navigating the Special Education Maze

Navigating the special education maze has long been a source of frustration for parents of children with disabilities everywhere. With the right tools, you can obtain a top-notch special education program for your child at any stage of their academic career – and beyond!

Buying Furniture for the Elderly with Special Needs

If you are challenged with buying furniture for an elderly person, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you start your search.

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