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PTO members still have to fundraise despite covid-19 virus

The COVID-19 outbreak and extensive school closures put the brakes on a lot of initiatives in spring 2020, when many PTOs and PTAs would ordinarily be finishing plans for fall fundraising. Many leaders were in “wait and see” mode due to persisting concerns about what school would be like in September.
Your school would not be able to provide children with extracurricular activities to help them acquire a well-rounded education and explore their interests as they mature without good fundraising. More cash for your school means you can expand your facilities to accommodate more pupils, in addition to offering critical resources to children in the form of programs and activities.

We’ve compiled great fundraising ideas from successful school groups across the country to keep your PTO buzzing.

For this article we interviewed Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone (website) who specializes in helping with PTO fundraisers. These suggestions will get your parents, teachers, students, and volunteers pumped for the new school year!

Product Sales a virtual event for any parent teacher organization

Inquire with a representative from your fundraising company about new touchless or contact-free fundraising alternatives for the fall season. Consider online fundraising events such as an online auction or a product sales.
Joe tells us what is popular right now. With the demise of Yankee Candle Fundraising many Candle Lovers are looking for a replacement fundraising company. Our Heritage Candles Fundraiser brochures are just the ticket. Affordable and amazing scents for either spring or the fall fundraising season. School PTO members love their is no cost and the parents teacher organization can earn 40% on every sale generated,
Joe tells us why fundraising merchandise is so popular during Covid. He continues, “Your PTO gets a free fundraising brochure for everyone of your volunteers. There are all kinds to choose from. Anything from cookie dough, gourmet coffee and popcorn. There is even an amazing gift wrap fundraiser perfect for any holiday fundraising campaign.”
“Your supporters can then post the catalog on line so it is easy for anyone to look at it at their leisure. For instance brochures can be placed on your website, facebook, emailed and texted too. Some have had success with Zoom, facetime and facebook live stream videos. With a little imagination you can sell anything remotely to raise funds for your school group, club or team.”

Online Raffles a great virtual PTO Fundraising event

First and foremost, check with your town to see if there are any restrictions on holding raffles. This is because some may consider it gambling. Ask local businesses for prize donations in exchange for free promotion. Great examples of this may be restaurant gift vouchers, popular items, free services (dog walking, mowing yards, window cleaning) . Next you can announce these rewards on your website’s or on your official social media pages.  Make your drawing date public and ask participants to pay $1 for each submission they submit. Then alert the winners about their prizes. Get lots of photos for your social media page. This will get people excited about next year.
Covid friendly ideas to help you raise more money
In conclusion, Covid will be here for a while. Smart PTO’s are looking for ways to continue to support the after school clubs and teams their kids love to be a part of. PTO fundraising is still possible. It just requires a Covid friendly perspective.