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What Is a Specific Learning Disability?

Learning disability (LD) is a term used to describe difficulty in learning new information, accessing learned information, and communicating information in a comprehensible manner. In addition, related terms that are sometimes used include nonverbal learning disability (NVLD), visual processing disorder, central auditory processing disorder, and executive functioning disorder. Learning disabilities impact a child’s ability to learn new information, acquire academic skills, and demonstrate their knowledge. Learning disabilities are neurological conditions and the federal government has enacted laws to ensure that students with these conditions receive a free and appropriate public education.

The School Told Me That My Child Has Special Needs – What Does That Exactly Mean?

A special need child needs extra attention in school because they cannot keep up with the rest of the class in terms of learning and other self development processes. Children with special needs find it difficult to do the simplest things.

10 Parenting Tips to Know Before Special Educators Evaluate Your Child for Eligibility!

This article is written for parents who suspect their child may have a disability, or if they are in the process of having their child evaluated by a school district. It is important to understand the special education system before you have your child evaluated to see if he or she has a disability and is eligible for special education. Independent educational evalautions as well as school testing are covered.

Parents – The World’s Best Source of Information

Truly speaking, the best source of information in this world are our parents. Those who follow their advice often find success coming their way and those who don’t…

7 Important Lessons We Can Learn About Sandy Hook Related to Children With Disabilities

This article is for parents of children receiving special education services and others who would like to learn lessons from the Sandy Hook tragedy! We all need to be part of the solution and this article will discuss 7 things that need to be addressed; to hopefully prevent this from happening again!

Learning to Manage Guilt As a Parent of a Child With or Without Autism

Does parenting exist without guilt? Let’s face it – guilt comes with the territory. Whether or not your child is on the Autism spectrum, guilt is a difficult emotion to avoid no matter how hard a parent tries.

ODD or Stubbornness: Which Is It?

Youngsters presenting characteristics of Oppositional Defiant Disorder are stubborn; that’s for sure. But stubborn youngsters aren’t necessarily ODD. This article explains how to sort out the difference.

RESTORATION: Upholding His Original Design

Christianity in it’s truest form is a personal relationship between you and Jesus Christ. It’s important to have God’s Plan of Redemption as revealed in the Scriptures (Holy Bible) activated in your life.

Family Therapy

A child’s poor schoolwork may be a cry for help in family relationships. The goal of family therapy is to change structures and processes in the family or in its environment so as to relieve existing strains. Family diagnosis makes it possible to determine whether pathology lies in a family as a whole, in one or more individual members, or in a suprasystem, such as an economically disadvantaged neighborhood or a school with limited resources

Anatomy of a Failed Counseling Session

Parents and teachers can put a great deal of work in encouraging a youngster to go to counseling. Provided the youngster actually shows up at the counselor’s office, however, they often convince the counselor there’s no need for them to return. This article looks at this problem and offers a few insights and ideas.

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