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Cognitive Processing, Dyslexia, and Visual Therapy

Cognitive processing training and therapy are necessary for effective dyslexia therapy and training. Most experts agree that dyslexia is a minimal or limited brain dysfunction, resulting in reading and writing difficulties. Cognitive skills are the backbone of the learning process and can be developed.

Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties With Early Intervention

Helping children overcome learning problems has been one of the greatest thrills of my life, and with early intervention disabilities can be overcome before they seriously affect the child’s future. Diagnosing learning disabilities is a very divisive field, with as loads of opinions as there are so-called experts! Yet for all of us, the most important wish is the same: and we are doing all we can in order to be helping children overcome learning difficulties!

Therapies For Children With Special Needs

Here you will find information and activities regarding therapies recommended for different special needs. Should my child be seeing a therapist? How to find a therapist, that your child and you are happy with. Preparing for your first visit. Providing support for your child.

Parenting a Special Needs Child – I Didn’t Sign Up For This!

Chances are, when you decided to sign up for a child, you did not put in a special order for a child with a disability. Children always bring many surprises into a parents life, but a special needs child, bring more than their fair share of growth opportunities and challenges, to their parents.

Learning Disabilities and Sibling Relationships – 10 Rules to Avoid Rivalry

It is natural for some degree of sibling rivalry to exist in any family. However, families containing a child with a learning disability run a far higher risk of rivalry, given that the learning-disabled child consumes a lot more of the parent’s attention. Here are ten rules to stave off rivalry.

10 Things Parents Can Do to Decrease Restraint and Seclusion For Their Special Education Child

This article is about restraint and seclusion in special education. Children are being hurt, killed and emotionally damaged by the use of restraint and seclusion. This article will discuss 10 things that parents can do to decrease the use of restraint and seclusion on their child. This will help ensure that their child is in a safe school environment, and an environment that will allow their child to learn.

Diagnosing Learning Disabilities Including Vision and Language Based Learning Difficulties

Diagnosing learning disabilities, be they language based learning difficulties or visually based learning difficulties, can be a difficult and difficult process, and it seems there are as a lot of differing opinions as there are different experts when it comes to diagnosing learning disabilities or dyslexia. Part of the question lies in the fact that learning difficulties are often not caused by one solitary issue but by a number of problems, and thus diagnosing learning disabilities becomes a multi-faceted, multi disciplined mission.

Childcare For Children With Special Needs

Every parent knows the difficulty of finding a good child-care provider or babysitter. Not only should the care provider be patient and caring, they should be experienced and responsible. When a child has special needs, it can make searching for the right child-care provider even more difficult.

Overcoming Deceptions in Special Education Due Process!

This article will discuss 5 ways for parents to overcome lies and deceptions from some special education personnel during due process hearings. The importance of proper preparation cannot be overstated. By knowing what each document contains that is used in the hearing you can use the documents to show the hearing officer that the school person’s testimony is not truthful. Read this article and it will help you be prepared to overcome lies in due process; for the good of your child!

5 Ways to Overcome the Delphi Technique in Special Education!

The Delphi technique is an unethical manipulation tactic sometimes used against parents in special education. This article will be discussing what the technique is and also 5 ways to overcome the Delphi techniue, for the good of your child!

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