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Emotionally Disturbed Children May Significantly Benefit From Individualized Education Programs

Many parents are unaware that their child with a diagnosed emotional disability may qualify for special education services and accommodations. Read on to learn more about the qualification guidelines and the potential benefits of special education for children with emotional disabilities.

Other Health Impairment: When Does Your Child With a Medical Diagnosis Need an IEP Instead of a 504?

Many people believe that IEPs and 504 Plans are different phases in the same process. They are not and they are based on two different federal laws. Children with medical diagnoses are often provided accommodations with a 504 plan that adequately meet their needs. If your child’s educational performance is significantly impacted by their disability your child may be eligible for an IEP, which is much more comprehensive that a 504 plan. Read on to learn more about this…

Children With Autism and Anxiety: Glove Meet Hand

Children with Autism are inherently prone to anxiety it drives most of their life. Here are some ways to allay that.

How Does a Parent Make a Special Education Referral for Their Child?

Did you know that children who are deemed to have a disability according to The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are eligible for certain special education services from the ages of birth through 21? Early intervention for children with disabilities has been shown to have a positive impact on the child’s learning. Read on to learn how you can request an evaluation for your child.

The Top Three Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Strategies

Nonfiction reading comprehension strategies vary substantially from the strategies used with fictional books. Children with special needs usually need explicit instruction in how to understand the material presented in nonfiction books. Read on to learn more about the best strategies to increase comprehension.

My Adventure With Mark, An Asperger’s Tale

My first encounter with full blown Asperger’s syndrome was a rude awakening. This is the story of how I gave a family their life back.

Parental Rights in Special Education

You are entitled to certain rights if your child is referred for or receiving special education services. Many parents do not fully understand their legal rights. Read on to learn about some of the most important rights afforded to you.

IEP Summary Letter Can Help You Win a Special Education Dispute With Your School District!

This article will help parents of children in special education document behavior and statements made by special education personnel, at their child’s IEP meetings. IEP summary letters can be used to hold school personnel accountable for their actions at IEP meetings, lies that they tell, and accountable for denying children needed services. Add this letter to your advocacy skills and you will well be on your way to winning a dispute with your school district.

Manifestation Determination Meeting: Your Rights When a Child With an IEP Breaks The Code of Conduct

When a child with special needs violates the school district’s code of conduct that leads to a either a consecutive or cumulative suspension of ten days or more the district must hold a manifestation determination meeting within 10 days. Read on to learn more about your child’s rights and your involvement in the decision making process when your child with an IEP has significant disciplinary issues.

Individualized Family Service Plan – Help for Families of Young Children With Developmental Delays

Children between the ages of birth through two who have developmental delays or are considered to be at high risk of developing delays may be eligible for services and support through an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSPs). Read on to find out more abut IFSPs and the importance of early intervention.

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