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Do Rewards and Consequences Work Differently For Children With Special Needs?

Rewards and consequences are an integral part of eliciting appropriate behavior in almost all children. Behavior modification is known to get results. Probably every person reading this remembers charts with checkmarks and stickers to denote success. Are they effective in achieving behavior change in children with special needs?

How Can Parents Locate Special Needs Resources When They Are Needed?

Are you the parent of a special needs kid and want to know where you can find special needs resources to help you be the best parent you can be and so your child can grow as much as possible? Then you need to know the best ways that can be used to find the resources that you need.

Plan Your Estate and The Affairs of “Special Needs” Loved Ones to Ensure They Are Cared For Later

Failure to act on life changing events can leave massive regret and pain. Nowhere else is this more evident than planning for the future of family and loved ones. Contacting an attorney in order to draw up a will and any other legal documents needs to be a priority. Life is a fragile commodity which can not be replaced. Leaving family behind is bad enough, but dying out of turn and leaving children, special needs individuals or the disabled behind without an estate plan is a crime.

How To Find Out If Your Child Has Dyslexia?

If your child does not happen to do very well in academics, but shows an average intelligence during verbal lessons, he or she might be experiencing dyslexia. Read on to find out how you can test if your child is affected by this mental disability.

3 Ways to Help Your Child “Retrieve” Information When Their Memory Is Weak

We all know that memory is very important cognitive skill needed in order to learn. There are three parts to the memory process.

Accepting Our Parents

Gurdjieff used to say to his disciples that a man only becomes religious when he is able to forgive his parents. Most of us know that this is not so easy and the reason why, is that we have copied our parents in many ways as they have copied their parents in many ways. We have inherited their genes, often their behaviour and if you are observant enough you will also notice many mannerisms in your daily life; sometimes the way you hold your cup of tea, sometimes how you plan in advance, how you walk, how you spend too much or too little and how you tend to treat others especially your loved ones.

How to Cope With ADHD Symptoms in Your Child

Parents are able to cope with ADHD symptoms that their child may be experiencing. For this to happen, parents need to have a good understanding of how this condition affects children. Once this has been achieved then it is much easier to help the child achieve success at school or while being home schooled.

Tips for Teaching Math and Reading to Your ADD/ADHD Child

Children with ADD/ADHD will have more fun if parents try to incorporate some fun when teaching math and reading. This will keep the child positive and motivated during these sessions. Songs, interesting trivia and using physical motion during the lesson are all strategies that will work well in helping to get the child to comprehend these subjects.

Milestones to Expect From Your Nine-Year Old

At some point children start to display signs of independence when it comes to relationships with older members the family. While it is important for children to develop healthy relationships with other children, parents need to be guarded against any harmful peer pressure.

Can Stimming Be Stopped?

It is very difficult to tell someone that the answer they are seeking may not exist. Unfortunately, certain conditions are very difficult to treat because they serve a purpose. Self-stimulatory behaviors, otherwise known as “stimming” are frequently seen in children with autism spectrum and other disorders. These behaviors help the child cope, but is stigmatizing and interfere with paying attention. Find out what can be done and how to successfully reduce these behaviors.

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