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Extended School Year For Special Education Or Summer Recreation Program – Which is Best?

This article will help you as a parent of a child receiving special education services, learn about the difference between extended school year programs, and a recreation program. Even if the school district offers to pay for the summer rec. program, your child may need extended school services from the school district. By understanding the differences you will be able to make an informed decision for your child.

7 Things You Can Do This Summer to Benefit Your Child Receiving Special Education Services

This article will discuss 7 items that you can do in the summertime to benefit your child receiving special education services. Some are fun, and will help you get ready for next school year, in a good frame of mind.

What You Need to Know About Functional Skills and Transition in Special Education

This article will discuss functional skills, in relationship to your child who receives special education services, transitioning out of high school. Different levels of disability, and types of functional skills needed by your child is also discussed.

What Is Due Process For Special Education – And What Information Do I Need To Know?

This article will discuss the dispute resolution process for special education; which is called due process. By understanding what the process is, you can decide if you would like to file for a hearing. Due process is difficult but with evidence can be won by parents, and can help your child receive a free appropriate public education.

Do I Have To Sign This Medical Release Form For Special Education Personnel?

This article will discuss about parents signing medical release forms, given to them by special education personnel. Children’s medical records are private, and school districts do not have a right to them. By knowing this, you can advocate for your child.

6 Ways To Overcome Anger At Special Education Personnel For The Good Of Your Child

This article will help you as a parent of a child with autism or another disability, learn to over come your anger. By overcoming your anger at special education personnel, you will be in a better position to help your child receive an appropriate education.

Burden Of Proof In Special Education Due Process

This article will help you understand who has the burden of proof in a due process hearing, you or special education personnel. The 2005 Supreme Court Ruling in Schaffer vs. Weast is discussed. Knowing who has the burden of proof, will help you make a more informed decision on whether to file for a due process hearing.

Brain Gym Exercise – Effective Intervention For Learning Difficulties

Is your child struggling at school? Are you awaiting a professional assessment for your child? Perhaps you are already some way down that path of acquiring a ‘professional diagnosis.’ …and after that diagnosis comes the question of what programmes can be put in place to effect progress.

Qualities to Avoid in Choosing a Special Education Advocate

Are you the parent of a child with autism or another disability that is looking for a special education advocate? This article discusses 7 qualities to avoid in a special education advocate. Qualified special education advocates can help you navigate the special education system, but advocates with these 7 qualities ,may not benefit your child’s education.

Special Education – How to Improve Your Child’s School Behavior

This article will give 6 tips on how parents of children with autism or other disabilities can improve their child’s school behavior. Negative school behavior prevents a child from learning; so improving their behavior will improve the child’s education.

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