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What Is Involved in Becoming a Special Education Teacher?

One of the first questions that individuals ask when they are considering a career in Special Education or Special Ed as it is oftentimes called is “What are the responsibilities of a Special Education teacher?” This type of teacher is usually involved with teaching children who a wide range of disabilities that range from minor to major in nature. This career requires a lot of background education and work as well as a total focus on the career.

Dyspraxia And Sensory Processing: Are They Related?

Dyspraxia is a motor coordination disorder that is impacted by a person’s ability to make sense of the information they receive from their sensory systems and body. Understanding this relationship can help guide treatment to improve motor skills and ability to do everyday activities.

Learning Disabilities and Identifying the Symptoms

The terminology learning disabilities usually refers to a classification of individuals who have difficulty when it comes to learning in a specific manner which is usually caused by an unknown factor or factors. These are also referred to as LD or learning difference, difficulty, or disorder.

Are You Willing to Receive Support?

Today’s mom is super busy carrying lots of responsibilities on her shoulders. What if she could find a way to unload some of them? Learn to accept and ask for support so that you can enjoy your life more!

When Your ADHD Child Refuses to Go to School

School refusal – a behavior that describes the refusal to attend school – is quite common among kids with ADHD. Because of the academic and social problems caused by their symptoms, they cannot seem to get used to the school routine and may even refuse to attend school in extreme cases.

Passion Flower for Anxiety and Insomnia in ADHD

Co-morbid ADHD conditions tend to go away as soon as the symptoms are treated. If your child is experiencing anxiety and insomnia with ADHD, you can reduce its impact with herbal remedies like passion flower.

Gear Up for Success

With the country’s economic stability hanging in the air, people who are fortunate enough to still have work try their hardest just to keep their jobs. Keeping upper management happy ensures that you remain with the company. However, there would come a time for a manger to go through a lot of challenges, especially if his or her team’s morale seems to be waning.

Role of A Special Education Teacher

If you love working with children with special needs, you may enjoy becoming a special education teacher. It is a very rewarding career that you can help to make a difference in many lives during your career. Becoming a teacher in general is rewarding because you get the opportunity to make a change in someone’s life but a special education teacher can be a mentor to a child and can make a valuable impression on that child for life.

What Are Learning Disabilities?

There are many different types of learning disabilities and each one affects young and old. Some learning disabilities are apparent at a young age while others are not detected until much later in life. When you suspect that something could be wrong you can contact your doctor for further advice.

How to Do a Time-Out With Your Autistic Child

It is so important that parent’s of autistic children learn how to discipline. This is a tough no nonsense guide to teach parents how to put their autistic child in time-out. This article gives the criteria for putting your autistic child in time-out, as well as a step by step guide how to do the time-out.

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