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3 Important Requirements For Special Education Tuition Reimbursement!

This article will be discussing tuition reimbursement for special education! Parents have the right to seek reimbursement for private school tuition if the school is found by a hearing officer or courts to have denied FAPE to a child and if the private school is appropriate for the child. This article will discuss three requirements that must be met if the parent is to receive reimbursement for private school costs.

7 Facts That Parents Need to Know About Learning Disabilities and Special Education!

This article will discuss 7 facts about learning disabilities and special education. The highest amount of disabilities among school age children are learning disabilities. By understanding these facts and figures you may use them to advocate for a free appropriate public education for your child.

ADHD in Children – Is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Just Bad Behavior?

Read this article to discover if ADHD in children is a medical condition or merely bad behavior. You will also learn one mother’s opinion weighing the benefit of natural supplements and diet restriction versus administering children’s prescribed ADHD medication.

5 Things Parents Should Know About Graduation and Special Education to Help Your Child

This article is about children with disabilities in high school and graduation. You will learn 5 things that you need to know to ensure that your child is ready for post school learning, independent living and financial self sufficiency. Use this information in your advocacy to benefit your child’s adult life!

7 Ways an Autism Service Dog Could Benefit Your Child in Special Education!

This article discusses autism service dogs for children with autism. Information is included on organizations that train the dogs and cost of the dogs. You will learn 7 ways that an autism service dog could help your child in their education and to learn to be more independent.

The Delphi Technique and Special Education – Are You Being Manipulated?

This article will be discussing a technique entitled the Delphi technique. This technique can be used to manipulate a group of people to come up with a pre determined outcome. This technique is unethical and has absolutely no place in special education–though it may occur in some districts. By understanding this technique you will be able to learn to overcome it and advocate for special education services that your child needs!

Tips For Parents Looking For Home Nursing Care For a Special Needs Child

Tips for parents, special needs children needing nursing care. All home care agencies are not the same.

What Should Parents Do If Their Child’s Teacher Thinks Their Child May Need Special Services

Since I began teaching 13 years ago, great progress has been made in identifying potential learning and socialization issues at a very young age. Today, educators and parents can seek early intervention for children needing special help.

Create a Support Network of Friends and Neighbors For Special Needs

Each and every family is different. Your emergency preparedness plan must be different as well. It must reflect your family’s needs. It must be custom made to meet the specific needs. Some ideas that may make you think are listed below.

Early Recognition of Learning Difficulties – The Key Component

Identification of developmental delay is critical to the success of intervention. This article will briefly describe the importance of providing young children with learning activities and stimulations that will foster the development of necessary behaviors critical to literacy acquisitions.

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