Why movies tilt the camera like this

Speech Delay

Speech delay or alalia is a common childhood problem consisting of a delay in the normal development of articulating verbal expression. Although known to affect 3 out of 10 children, speech delay can also indicate the presence of a neurological or physiological dysfunction that needs immediate diagnosis and treatment. Taking into account that alalia has been found to produce further emotional, social and cognitive problems, a child who cannot pronounce at least two words by the time he/she is 18 months old or does not seem to understand and respond to what parents say, will have to be taken to a physician.

The Debates In Your Head

The country is getting ready for the presidential debates. This reminds me of the debates constantly going on in our heads.

Free Yourself: Let “Stuff” Go

When we hold onto to anything in life, there is pain. Life is about flow.

Why Do So Many Children Seek Negative Attention?

All people have a need for attention and affirmation. Children learn quickly if they are not getting positive attention that they can get a lot of attention for negative behaviors. Read on to learn more about why this is and how to address it.

Overwhelmed Special-Needs Parents? Here Is Relief

When you become overwhelmed, take a moment to just stop. Yes, stop in your tracks.

It Doesn’t Matter If Others Don’t Understand Our Challenges Raising Special-Needs Children

I found the hardest part about raising my special-needs child, who was also extremely difficult, was not dealing with him, but dealing with outside people. Simply put, others did not understand.

It’s So Easy for Special-Needs Parents to Get Off-Balance

You are so busy with everyday life. And, with your special-needs parenting duties, you’re running faster and faster trying to keep up with the merry-go-round of life.

Asperger’s Syndrome Concerns

The exact causes of Asperger’s syndrome are not known, however, there is enough evidence to suggest a genetic contribution. It seems that AS runs in the family, although no specific gene has been linked to the disorder. Apparently, the likelihood for a child to be born with AS increases with every family member who manifests behavioral symptoms such as: difficulties with exposure and management of social interactions and/or problems with reading or language. Other theories suggest that AS can result from prenatal exposure to agents that cause birth defects.

Effective Parent Advocacy Skills

Effective parent advocacy skills are essential to possess if your child with special needs is going to get a quality education. Read on to learn more about which skills you should focus on.

Why Every Child Needs Creativity

Creativity is essentially a form of problem-solving. But it is a special type of problem-solving–one that involves problems for which there are no easy answers: that is, problems for which popular or conventional responses do not work. Creativity involves adaptability and flexibility of thought. These are the same types of skills that numerous reports on education have suggested are critical for students.

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