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Treatment and Educational Strategies For School Refusal Behavior in Special Education!

This article will be discussing educational strategies and treatment for children with school refusal behavior who receive special education services. Successful treatment depends on what the cause of the behavior is. A few reasons discussed. The rest of the article discusses many things that you can do as a parent to address this type of behavior. Good luck!

School Refusal Behavior and Special Education – Does Your Child Have It?

This article will discuss school refusal behavior and children receiving special education services. Emotional and physical symptoms discussed as well as possible reasons why your child may have developed school refusal behavior. In order to come up with a plan to overcome school refusal behavior, you must understand what is causing the behavior! This will help you be able to help your child!

Educating Special Needs Students

Although it takes a lot of research and understanding, teaching special needs children can also be very rewarding. The keys are to build partnerships with parents and the help staff members, to adopt alternative ways of teaching, and to develop effective strategies based on current research. Once you become an advocate for each student and not just an educator, you can have a real impact.

International Schools in Samui – What Are the Advantages of Schools in Samui?

What are the advantages to sending your children to international school on the island of Koh Samui? Take a look at this article to find out what’s on offer and how your children can benefit from the three schools on the island.

Top Tips For Communicating With Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child

When a deaf child is first diagnosed with hearing loss, parents make the decision whether to raise their child with speech or sign language or both. Whether your deaf child now communicates through listening and speaking, lipreading, signing or a combination of these, here are some tips which will improve communication for you both: Get your child’s attention before you speak to them, by a gentle touch on the arm. Establish eye contact.

Current Trends in Autism Treatment

Autism affects approximately 1 in every 110 children and approximately 1 out of every 70 boys. Over the years, autism has started to become a fairly common illness as more and more children are starting to become affected.

Keeping the Peace for the Siblings in a Special Needs Home

Having a special needs child is a challenging life for any parent, but what about the other children in the home? With certain ailments such as autism on the rise, it seems that there are more households currently with at least one special needs child residing in it then there have ever been in past generations.

Five Top Questions Parents Ask in Regard to Their Learning Disabled Child

When a parent has a child who is diagnosed as learning disabled, many issues must be addressed. There are the emotional issues of how to discuss this with the child, issues regarding the child’s learning skill deficiencies, and what parents as well as their teachers can do to help the child.

What Parents of Special Education Children Need To Know

Parents sometimes approach the special education system with hesitation. This may be due to other person’s experiences which they heard about or they may have had to put up a good fight to get their child considered as meeting the requirements for special education. It is a scary thing to enter a situation of which you are unsure of especially when you know nothing of the teachers.

5 Tips for Autism Professionals to Battle Burnout

Discover 5 tips to help reduce stress, save time and maintain your professionalism as an autism service provider. Learn how to keep your career rewarding for years to come.

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