Why the Belarus migrant crisis is different

School Conference: How to Proactively Address Behavior

It can be difficult to suggest a proactive, out-front approach to changing a youngster’s inappropriate behavior. Although the reasons against proactivity make sense, a well-developed approach to better address the behavior BEFORE it happens again is, by far, the way to go.

Can a Child ‘Enjoy’ Being in Constant Trouble?

It doesn’t always make sense that a youngster will engage in poor behavior knowing there will be a consequence, but it certainly happens. This article addresses “payoffs” for inappropriate behavior that keep it going and make certain adults will be frustrated.

6 Steps To Take When You Are Concerned About Your Child’s Academic Progress

Parents are often concerned about their child’s academic progress. This article provides some steps to help you advocate for your child’s educational needs.

Special Ed Specialized Home Learning Strategies – Bikes With Training Wheels

A few years back, I read a very interesting report, and I talked with a researcher from the University of Riverside in California about how teaching kids who were autistic, slow learners, or had down syndrome was a whole lot easier if you taught them a new skill such as learning how to ride a bicycle. The reasoning goes something like this; if you teach them to use a different part of their brain, and riding a bicycle requires motion skills, balancing skills, and all sorts of other things.

Benefits of Homeschooling Your Child

This article describes some benefits related to homeschooling. The goal is to provide some guidance to parents choosing the homeschooling option.

Learning Challenges – Where Is Your Child in the Race?

Mental health issues for teens, young adults and their families can be extremely burdensome. It is too easy to get lost in the daily challenges, the meds, the labels and the frustrations. This article is meant to give all of us a moment to remember to strive for the light. For a better future. Most importantly, to know that their are those who will be in our corner.

3 Tips for Accepting That Your Child Has a Learning Disability

Discovering that your child has a learning disability can be emotionally overwhelming. Parents often experience grief, confusion, and a sense of loss. This article provides three tips for accepting your child’s learning disability and planning for his/her future.

Special Education Home Field Trips – White Water Rafting

Did you know there are white water rafting programs for special education kids, autistic kids, and kids with down-syndrome? Did you know that one ride down the river for these kids will be an event of a lifetime? Think about it.

Home Computers and Special Ed Home-Schooling Concepts

Many folks decide that the so-called “appropriate education” for their special education child just doesn’t cut the mustard. In many school districts they are correct. This is a travesty in many regards and yet perhaps considering the state of America’s schools, much of the regular curriculum for regular kids in many school districts also leaves a lot to be desired. Okay so, let’s talk.

The Differences Between Hand-Tufted and Hand-Woven Rugs

Even though most rugs are made by machines these days, there are still rugs available that are made by hand through the ancient art of hand weaving. Rugs were once considered to be valuable possessions. The way in which rugs are made has changed over the years, but this does not mean that you cannot still get quality hand-made rugs.

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