Why the US government is always shutting down

Using Home Tutors To Secure Your Child’s Future

This article describes how private tutoring can help your child succeed. The benefits associated with using one on one tutoring services is explained.

How to Handle Finding Out Your Child Will Have Special Needs Their Whole Life

Thinking our child has some problems is a world away from the confirmation that your child is going to be special all their life; a fact that permeates change throughout your life and that of your friends and family. It turns your life upside down and if you aren’t careful you can drown in their world; loosing your friends, family and maybe your spouse.

When to Seek Additional Help for Your Struggling Reader

This article discusses the reasons students struggle to read. It also provides tips to help parents seeking help for struggling readers.

Easy and Practical Tips to Help Your Children With Their Math Homework

This article presents easy and practical tips that parents can use when helping their children with their math homework. These tips are simple but powerful and they can be implemented very easily.

Tips on Helping Your Child Become a Better Writer

Reluctant Writer? Here are some easy and fun tips and strategies to try at home with your child to encourage more writing practice.

The 5 Tips to Choose the Best One-On-One Math Tutoring Service

Finding a good Math tutor can be a challenging task for parents. This article provides power tips to parents in search of Math tutoring services.

Reviewing Childhood Lessons – Memory and Rewards

Memories regarding school achievement lead this neurodevelopmentalist / teacher to review lessons learned from her childhood. Lesson # 1: Memorizing Scriptures Develops Cognitive. Skills Lesson # 2 External Rewards Encourage Learning.

Is Your Child on the Right Path to Reading?

It is critical to identify a child’s reading problems before he or she fails. Here is a checklist to help you determine where your child is on the path to reading by the end of kindergarten and first grade.

Parent Guide: How to Stimulate Language Development in Daily Routines

Written from a speech therapy perspective, this article encourages parents to bring out their inner “therapist”, in order to encourage their child’s language development. Tips are provided on how to transform daily routines into language learning experiences.

How To Save Your Family From Disaster

The most important for us is our safety. Learn how to save your family in crisis time and environmental disasters.

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