Why the US is always hitting a “debt ceiling”

How to Determine If a Child Has a Learning Difficulty

If a child has been exposed to the same learning to read strategies as other children but has failed to learn to read, the child may have a learning difficulty. There are different kinds of learning Difficulties according to the area of the brain that has been affected. We present the most frequent kinds of Learning Difficulties and signs of each.

Parent Engagement in Schools – How to Build a Collaborative Relationship With Your Child’s School

Parent involvement in their child’s school benefits everyone. You do not have to spend hours volunteering to build rapport with your child’s school. Read on to hear about three simple strategies for increasing your involvement and showing the school your investment in your child’s education.

Paper-Writing Help for the ADHD Student

Children with ADHD have an abundance of creative ideas but they often have difficulty organizing them and putting them down on paper. Don’t let these hurdles keep your child from accomplishing his or her writing assignment. Here are some things you can do to help your child write a paper.

Why Do Kids Misbehave? You Might Be Surprised!

Understanding why kids misbehave is essential for developing effective interventions for eliminating or decreasing the inappropriate behavior. Read on to learn about the four primary reasons why children misbehave.

Autism – The Benefits of In-Home Care

Families who have an Autistic child or children generally receive state funded in-home one on one therapeutic services until the age of three. The therapy of choice is called Applied Behavioral Application or ABA. They are then expected to attend a special-ed class with or without an aide or as it is euphemistically called a “shadow”.

No Shame on You

As the dad of a 13 year old autistic boy, this is advice I would give to a younger me. You feel some shame for your sons condition. Don’t. There is no shame in being disabled. This should be obvious but it is not.

What Is the Specific Learning Disability Definition?

The determination of whether a child has a specific learning disability (SLD) that requires a child to need an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is often a complex process. Read on to learn more about what a SLD is and how a child is assessed to determine if they have a SLD.

ADHD and the Middle School Student

Some children do not overcome their ADHD symptoms right away. Prepare your child for middle school by being aware of these changes and challenges.

Least Restrictive Environment for Children With Special Needs Explained

I’ll be honest, the first time I heard the phrase “least restrictive environment,” it put me off. As the parent of a child with special needs, that’s saying something, because I’ve heard a lot of terminology that most people haven’t. For some reason it reminded me of institutions and wheelchair accessibility. I have since come to find out that this is not the case at all.

Children Learn Through Play: Great Ways To Enhance Your Child’s Learning Through Fun Activities

Children of all ages love to play. Turning learning activities into play activities works well for most children with special needs. Read on to learn how to enhance your child’s social skills, language skills and academic skills with play-based activities.

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