Why Time-Sensitive Decisions Can Trigger Our FOMO [Advertiser Content From Zelle®]

Go Ahead! Fidget in the Classroom

Fidgeting in the classroom has proven to show student achievement. Find out why and how the art of fidgeting can be accepted.

Facing Pseudoscience and Autism Treatment Fads Head On

Although more families than ever are learning to raise children on the autism spectrum, there is still very little information to help them. The uncertainty can be exhausting and frustrating for families.

Battle of Therapies: At Home Vs Clinical

Parents who receive therapy for developmental or psychological conditions often fare better. The therapy can be performed in home or at a clinic.

Why Dyslexia Doesn’t Need To Hold You Back

When I was at school, I did NOT do well. I hated school and found it hard to concentrate. I was 30 years old before I found out that this was due to Dyslexia. This was just before I came in the top 10% of my class when I graduated Law school

How to Show Support for Autism

As we move into the midst of the holiday season, many of us are feeling an urge to reach out to those in need to offer care and support. Between clothing drives and canned drives, giving a supportive hand is the best gift we can offer during the Season.

Understanding Early Learners and Late Converters

Understanding and recognizing learning delays can help children catch up. Parents should take action instead of waiting for their children to “learn it eventually.”

Healthy Living and the “Stuff” In Our Lives

The things that are really important in our lives – friendship, support, love, hope, dreams and just simply “being together”. Times today are more complicated, perhaps because life is so fast paced these days that we tend to forget what is really important. Perhaps we have way to much STUFF to get in the way, what would happen to us if we didn’t have all that STUFF?

Helping Family and Friends Understand Your Child’s Autism

Sometimes friends & family members need extra help understanding autistic kids. Interactions with an autistic child are different from what friends and family are used to, and they may need help understanding autism and how it affects the specific child in their life.

Major Corporations Include Autism Benefits in 2015 Employee Healthcare Packages

The recent decision by several major companies to expand autism insurance benefits means that applied behavioral analysis is now covered for many more employees. Because these companies all self-insure their health plans, they are exempted from state insurance regulation and statutes, such as autism insurance reform laws. Their health plans are regulated under federal ERISA law.

Who Moved My Cheese? AGAIN!

Do you remember the book by Spencer Johnson, “Who Moved my Cheese?” The message in that book is vital in work, in life AND in the lives of those struggling with ADHD.

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