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Why You MUST Home School Your Child With Down Syndrome

Children with Down syndrome have the world stacked against them. Public education fails to recognize the unique characteristics of the syndrome and calls most children with Down syndrome “mentally retarded.” Home education offers them the best chance to learn and to truly reach their potentials.

Parenting a Special Needs Child

If you have a child with special needs then your role as a parent will be decidedly more challenging that you might have expected. There are several illnesses that come under the banner of special needs. These can be related to learning, behavior, development, mental health or medical issues.

Removing Barriers: Alternatives to Written Recording

 For many children with different types of AEN being asked to write can prove a major obstacle to learning. Writing can be a physical or emotional challenge.

Rewards of Caregiving For Special Needs Children

When you providing caregiving for special needs children, the rewards you gain are measured in smiles and happy faces. Disabled children with Autism or Down syndrome require a special needs caregiver who can be patient while understanding their needs.

Vaastu Shastra for a Children Bedroom

Children are the most important part of the family. Parents, they live for them and they render many services to their children just to make them versatile and to make their future bright. Parents, they also do many practices to provide the best to their children, but does the children know how to return back the favour given by their parents.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: How Can I Help My Child?

The number of children diagnosed as having autism increases annually. Autism, also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), is a developmental disorder of varying severity that impacts a person’s development, particularly in the area of social interactions.

The Difference in Special Education Programs in the United States and the Third World Countries

The Department of Education in the Philippines is strengthening its policies for special education program in allowing special children who does not have the resources or access to a well deserved education because of financial disabilities of their parents. This is one good reason why people and the government should continue to support this program because the special children have the right to education equally as the normal children. Even though this group of people may not have the same skills that a normal child has, still they have a chance to experience school life which will nurture their skills…

Advocating for the Child With Autism

For families of children with autism the relationship between the family, school, and community is critical. Parents who are blessed with a child with autism must refrain from self-blame and need to advocate for their child. If you suspect that your child has autism it is helpful to seek medical attention and professional advice as early intervention is highly recommended.

Understanding the Special Education Process

Whether you choose private or public education you need to be assured that your child is receiving maximum support in school. Often procedures and programs are overwhelming. In order to make informed decisions, it is important to understand the special education process and to know your rights.

Developing Social Stories for Children With Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome/PDD

Social stories have proven successful when working with students on social skill development. Social stories have helped many children develop behaviors that are more appropriate to given settings. Social stories may also help the child understand why certain behaviors are necessary in different situations. But what exactly is a social story and how can it be used in a way that will be helpful and supportive? A step-by-step guideline on how to develop a social story is provided.

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