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Who Defines Your Potential?

Dealing with limitations is easy when compared to dealing with people’s attitudes. Parent of a child with special needs shares pivotal moments and the challenges a parent goes through, receiving restrictive messages from professionals. Now, a new message is being shared which is opening minds to abilities capabilities and alternate possibilities.

A Healthy Start: Occupational Therapy For Children

Occupational therapy can help children with special needs develop and thrive in their daily endeavors. These children benefit greatly from the specialized daily living, self-care, and physical exercises they complete.

What Are Refrigerator Moms?

There are many questions that come up repeatedly regarding what causes a child’s autism. It has even been suspected that lack of parental attention can be to blame.

Teaching Special Needs Children Problem-Solving

Have you solved a problem today? Most likely if you’re reading this in the first place, you’re trying to solve a problem right now! We all run up against obstacles between our current state and ‘success’ every day, and most of us clear these minor hurdles without really even thinking about them. But when we were little, we worked hard to solve problems like “how can I reach the cookies” — and it wasn’t easy…

The Pentagon Answers Questions Concerning Autism

The Pentagon recently invited representatives of Applied Behavior Analysis providers to present one question each regarding the topic of the Autism Care Demonstration Project and its current status under the TRICARE Health Benefit. First let’s explain what some of these things are and what they mean to the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the lives of the many people it touches. Applied Behavior Analysis, or (ABA), is a treatment model that many providers base their care off of.

Labels and Categories: Is Your Child “Special Needs”?

It’s a drama that gets played out over and over again in every city in the country, sometime between pre-school and 2nd grade. A child’s teachers are concerned that the child isn’t performing up to the standard, and they ask the parents to speak to the child’s doctor. The parents reluctantly bring the subject up at the doctor’s office and the doctor talks directly to the teacher. Suddenly, the acronyms start to flow: does the child have…

Poverty and Children With Special Needs

Poverty is one of the most pervasive conditions associated with children with special needs. Already generally recognized as one of leading factors correlated with a huge number of social issues, poverty is in some ways an umbrella so large that it leads to ask whether it is a cause or an effect…

When Children With Special Needs Grow Up

According to a study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, more than half a million children with special needs turn 18 every year. Turning 18, however, doesn’t mean the conditions which gave these children the “special needs” label are suddenly gone; in truth, most such new adults are going to require as much or more ongoing intervention in order to navigate an ever-increasingly-complex world.

ADHD Through the Teacher’s Eyes

It’s fairly common for parents, especially first-time parents, to have no real idea of what “normal” is for a child of their kid’s age. This guide is written as a “translator” — a way of using the words a teacher might be using to describe your child’s behavior to understand your child’s brain…

Make a Difference With Online Petitions That Are Smart

Online petitions are one of the best ways to make your voice heard on the social rights issues, human rights and animal rights issues that are important to you. The issue is deciding which actions to take part in. There are many different petition sites online, and even more petitions launch on a regular basis.

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